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Sunshine & Seafood

New Smyrna certainly had its small town charm, touristy appeal, and fried seafood galore.  I wasn’t able to make it to Disney World this time around but I’m certain when I finally go, it’ll be epic (do you think a Squishy Monster could be a Disney Mascot?)

One of my friends got proposed to in this way.  Kudos to him for not only spelling out “will you marry me,” but spelling out her name Anastastia as well, all while hunched over, trying to make all the words large, even and deep enough.

Flowers I picked for myself.  (FYI, I prefer to receive chocolates).

There are a few things I find amusing about this snap shot.  First, I used to watch Bob Ross all the time when I was bored.  He was accidentally funny all the time and there was something so soothing about watching him work.  I can understand his passion for his art so well because it’s the passion I have for food.  Second, there’s a completely uninspired restaurant next door, simply called “China.”  It seems that exercising even the slightest measurement of thought was too difficult in order to come up with a better name, lol.  Third, there’s a motorcycle rushing past and the 2 women didn’t even flinch, as if it’s that commonplace.  Geez, where I live, you can’t even skateboard without getting a citation.

Mm, YUM!  I think I could eat 3 dz in one sitting all by myself =D

Pretty much the worst thing ever.  Negligible, briny (and oily) shrimp, nearly drowning in a thick muddied mess of “aioli” (really, just soured mayo glopped on haphazardly on a stale bun) with wilted ice berg and soggy tomatoes.  Yucky, not yummy.

Unimpressive spread of Swordfish Tacos.

After bouts of mediocre dining at several self-proclaimed “bests!”, I settled down with some homemade whole wheat penne with pesto and goat cheese with simple, grilled free-range chicken.  Satisfying, inexpensive, and quick.

I hope that everyone was able to spend father’s day with their superman.

I’m currently putting finishing touches on the video I’ll be posting tomorrow

As Bob Ross would say “… I’d like to wish you happy (eating) painting, and God bless my friend.”


Your Squishy Monster ^.^

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