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Apple Cider Donuts


Since I can no longer go trick or treating, this was my version of festive October fun.  I always had homemade costumes as a kid and went as a princess several times.  What would you dress up as? {Gala Apples} {Stayman Winesap} Apple Cider Donuts   Prep time 60 mins Cook time 5 mins more

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Pumpkin Spice Scones


I go bananas over PUMPKIN!  (can one go pumpkins over pumpkins)?  Hm… Anyways, I can personally contest to a bad scone experience-or a few rather.  It’s not pleasant.  It’s my personal belief that scones should be moist, tender, & soft.  The contrary is seen in a lot of scones, be it coffee shops, bakeries, etc. more

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