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Super Heroes are Real

The one I met yesterday goes by the name of Gwendolyn.  She and her husband have dedicated 2 decades of their lives to helping needy children and giving back to the community.  They own Parkview Community.  At any given time, they have 30-75 children under a humble roof.  In a modest home that once housed junkies and prostitutes, where the maximum occupancy is 75, they truly invest in and enrich the lives of each and every child they meet.  They all come from broken homes, parents that have deserted them in search of their next fix, or left neglected or abused, left with no one to turn to.  Gwendolyn’s super hero power is compassion, empathy, and steadfast strength with the ability to re instill hope, faith, and love into these children’s eyes.  If you ask me, that’s rivals with the many feats of Superman because Gwendolyn is superHUMAN.  It really makes you reconsider ones jaded, cynical outlook of humanity.  Out of this tiny space, and on top of their many daily duties, they also take charge of a weekly soup kitchen.  This Thanksgiving, they will be serving hot meals to 300–THREE HUNDRED folks.  Come one, come all.  When you look into Gwendolyn’s eyes, they are rimmed with fatigue that is the product of 24 hours days, non stop BUT, what really shines through is the unmistakeable joy and….glow…yes, GLOW that she exudes.  Surrounded by happy, chattering children, with bellies full of the hearty chili and buttery corn bread she made for dinner, she is stern but proud.  Like a proud, protective, and loving mama hen.  As she showed us around, she simultaneously scribbled down the time that she was to pick up a father the next day to reunite with his son, as well as stopping to listen to anyone who had a question.  She had discovered the biological father of a child she had been taking care of.  Another awe inspiring feat, single-handedly accomplished by a woman named Gwendolyn.  So yes, Superman has definitely got his work cut out for him.  After all, Gwendolyn makes nothing into something and she’s the one that makes miracles happen.

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