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2 Ingredient Vegan Lip Balm

As I mentioned in the first video of easy lollipops for my DIY holiday series, we’re big on exchanging homemade presents in my family, no matter the occasion.  I love to gift useful things outside of my main focus on edibles.  You’ll often find soaps, candles or whipped body butters tucked in between homemade cookies and breads all cozy together in a basket.  Not only can I tailor make these based on the individual, they’re incredibly easy yet thoughtful ways to show someone you care.


My vegan lip balms were born from my 2 ingredient beeswax based lip balms but are specially geared for those in my life that practice a vegan lifestyle.  The good news is that they’re just as easy needing only 2 ingredients as its base and just 5 minutes of your time.  Plus, they’re just as versatile and beautifully emollient as my classic version.  Candelilla is used here instead of beeswax and it’s a plant based wax.  I found that I prefer it over carnauba wax while testing this recipe in my kitchen as it was a bit more difficult to work with.  With candelilla wax, you actually use less since it’s harder than beeswax and it begins and ends as a smooth product and ultimately sets up glossier and more opaque than a traditional lip balm.  As a result, beeswax cannot be exchanged in equal proportions.

Here are a few tips I gleaned from working with candelilla wax in my kitchen.  It has a melting point of about 70°C and melted much faster than my beeswax did.  It also isn’t sticky like beeswax and I really liked the substantial backbone that a more solid oil like coconut oil provided for the vegan wax to latch onto.  When I blended it with too little oil, it was rendered pretty useless as it remained firmly in its stiff, shiny state.  Too much made it way too soft, which made it more suitable as a salve.  {I used the latter as a glorious cuticle butter}.  The golden spot came out to 1 part candelilla wax to 4 parts oil.  If you like a creamier or glossier balm, try a ratio of 1:5.  When pouring the actual liquid balm into your desired molds/vessels, it helps to do so on top of a work surface covered with wax paper/parchment or silpat.  This way you can peel off any drippings to re-melt and use.  I personally only tested this with virgin coconut oil but hear that avocado, mango, cacao and shea butters work well too.

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2 Ingredient Vegan Lip Balm
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Serves: 1 Dozen Lip Balms

  • 1 oz candelilla wax
  • 4 oz virgin/cold pressed/unrefined coconut oil*
  • Optional: desired essential oils

  1. Melt the candelilla wax over a double boiler or in 30 second increments in the microwave. When in doubt, go low and slow.
  2. Stir in the coconut oil. If it doesn’t completely emulsify, heat it for a few more seconds.
  3. Add in essential oils now, if desired.
  4. Carefully pour into desired molds/pots/tubes.
  5. Allow to set before capping/using.

*5 oz for a creamier/glossier look/feel.



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