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Moving to Paradise – Our New St. Croix Home

Today marks the second week we have lived in our new home in St. Croix. Today, I also wanted to share my vlog of the first official day we spent here.

After all the housekeeping details were tended to, it’s no surprise that we excitedly unpacked our grand total of 3 bags and rushed off to explore the island. If you’re interested in how we made this move, I am currently writing an e-book to explain each step. I will link it here when it’s completed.

All our worldly possessions in 3 bags.  Photo from Instagram.

Our time line as a couple goes as follows. Boy meets girl. One year later, we moved to the beach together. Two years later, he proposed in Paris. Three years later, on the day we met, we got married in the Dominican Republic. One month later, we moved to the caribbean. Two weeks later, here I am talking to you.

The island goes at a deliciously slow pace and there’s a lush natural landscape that includes the congeniality of the locals, organic farms, rolling hills and crystal clear sea. Within the two week period we’ve been here, I can’t tell you how many countless moments I’ve spent staring at the sky, listening to the rustle of the palm trees, enjoying the stillness the the world around me.

1Some of the colorful life in our garden.

We live up on a hill and though we have a couple neighbors, it’s remarkable just how quiet it is. It’s wonderful that there isn’t a single interruption of cars dragging by or any general commotion outside. We live with all of our windows open and the loudest it gets is when our neighbors “guard dogs” will yap at each other or at “stranger danger.” {You’ll see these cuties in my video}.

St. Croix, just like any other caribbean island isn’t without its flaws. If you’re looking for your double tall, soy, extra caramel macchiato served to you in a New York minute or can’t live without the modern conveniences of the mainland, you definitely won’t enjoy your time here. There’s no mall, roosters crow at any inconvenient hour, most places are rustic {to say the least} and aren’t air conditioned.

Typical island housing {kidding!}

However for me, these are all part of the charm of the place. Though I’ve always been a do-it-yourself type of gal, making everything for myself from breads to beauty products, this island has influenced me to further shift focus from any of the material goods that everyone seemed to be vying for to connecting with mother earth and being part of her symbiotic system. This lifestyle has encouraged us to be much more self reliant and sustainable and since all the resources are precious here, it’s helped us be that much more mindful of where it comes from and where it will go.

Find the greatest pleasures in the smallest treasures.

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5 thoughts on “Moving to Paradise – Our New St. Croix Home

  • Louise says:

    Congratulations Angela!

    Somehow, I can actually picture you living in pure unadulterated bliss. You go girl!

    Thank you so much for sharing…

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    Thank you, Louise. Thanks for being with me through this adventure called life!!

  • brian says:

    i am jealous! but i am still closer to Disney.

  • Gabriel Maldonado says:

    Going to st croix with the wife next summer and just found your blog. We have also been talking about moving there too. What tips do you have for us? Must see must do We are in our mid 30s

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    Hi, Gabriel! Island living, especially on our rock is minimal and rustic {to say the least}. Advice wise, I’d say to leave most everything behind. Our island either has it or you’ll find that you never really needed it at all to begin with, haha. I write all about our before, during and after process of moving in my e-book, “Moving to Paradise.” It’s available in my e-book tab. It reviews rent, food, business licensing, beaches, prep/tips/insight/resources and lots more. I hope you’ll check it out =)

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