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St. Croix Tide Pools

I have been loving all the questions you guys have been submitting via Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, particularly the random ones as you’ll see in the video.  Those are always fun to answer.  We’re getting nicely settled into our new home and still find the environment around us awe-inspiring.  There is just so much beauty everywhere we look!  We spent a great deal of time in our backyard over the weekend absorbing all of its surreal beauty.  Surreal is exactly what this feels like sometimes.  We took turns asking each other, “is this real?!”

This past weekend was also J’s 32nd birthday.  He had only one request and that was for a surf and turf supper comprised of all local goods.  You can see how gigantic his lobster was on my Instagram.  Each larger component of his supper was sourced from a speciality spot, just like it used to be back in the day.  His local Senepol ribeye was from Annaly Farms and his lobster from a local fisherman who had just come in with his boat.  What can be construed as an inconvenience is perceived by me as yet another charismatic feature of the island.

In today’s video, I’ll be addressing questions like what we eat on a daily basis, what inspired our move and more.  I really enjoy taking you guys along with me on a typical weekend for us on the island.  There’s just so much more to explore and discover and still, just starting at the palm fronds sway in our backyard has the ability to elicit a tranquil, content feeling.

As for the adventure part, the highlight of our weekend was celebrating J’s birthday with a hike to Annaly Bay to the Carambola tide pools.  Despite there being a “cheaters trail” behind the resort, we opted for the 2 hour round trip hike to the pools.  The beach alone, set against the lush mountain-scape full of smooth dark pebbles is a sight to see.  It makes the most delightful sound as the water filters through them.  However, it’s the ultimate destination that rewards you with its cool waters contained within a naturally carved pool.  It’s dramatic and peaceful all at once with colorful fish swimming right beside you.  We just received our masks so I’ll have to take you guys snorkeling with me!

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2 thoughts on “St. Croix Tide Pools

  • brian says:

    Yay! making the best and enjoying what u have got is a rare thing nowadays to do. media always pushes we need more more more..when we actually needed less.

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    For sure! Thank you so much for being on this journey with me!!

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