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Creamy 2 Ingredient Mango Popsicles


Right now, in St. Croix, we’re in full mango season swing.  We even had an entire festival dedicated to it called Mango Melee just last weekend.  Needless to say, the mango is very much loved here.  There’s something magical about trekking through the grasses to pluck one ripe fruit after another and pausing to enjoy the fruits of your labor intermittently throughout the process.  Sweet nectar dribbles own your chin and arms, but you don’t really care because the fruit is just so candy-sweet.  It’s like a mango-utopia.  There are several dozen varieties with each one possessing a distinctive flavor and texture.  I can’t really decide which ones are my favorite as of yet but the Julie mango is very popular here.  So much so, that the 30th legislature of the USVI actually passed a resolution declaring it to be the Virgin Islands choice of fruit.  Many locals enjoy it for its smooth and creamy thread-less texture {a stringy mango is not highly favored here, hence the ones rotting on the ground as I’ve come to find out}.  I’ve had it on several occasions and can vouch for its deep tangerine flesh and tart lemon-pineapple like flavor.

For today’s recipe, you can really use whatever variety you have available to you.  That’s precisely what I did.  We went foraging in our backyard and I collected whatever was ripe to use in our popsicles today.  The most important aspect of this simple, 2 ingredient recipe is that you use very ripe fruit.  The fruit should be soft to the touch, speckled and smell very sweet.  It makes my heart ache whenever I see people cut open an underripe fruit of any sort…it’s as if it will never fully realize its fruit potential.  This is why I’m always going on and on about coveting those brown and freckled bananas but ah, I digress.

Rich homemade coconut milk and bright, fruity mango whirl together to create a creamy, delicious popsicle that is a cinch to make.  The assembling of the popsicles takes a mere 5 minutes.  It’s the freezing part that takes the longest.  These are a great healthy alternative for kids or those trying to limit refined sugars but really, they’re just a great excuse to enjoy popsicles on a regular basis.  You can feel good about using wholesome, better-for-you ingredients and cool off the natural way with ripe, seasonal fruit that mother nature bountifully yields for you and me to all enjoy.

Creamy 2 Ingredient Mango Popsicles
Prep time

Total time


Serves: 4-6 Popsicles

  • ½ c filtered water
  • ½ c unsweetened coconut flakes or mature coconut
  • 1 c soft, spotty and ripe mango
  • Optional: 1-2 tb rum or liquor of choice.

  1. Blend the water and coconut for 3-5 minutes in a high speed blender.
  2. Strain the pulp through a fine mesh sieve until you’re left with bone dry flakes.
  3. Combine the coconut milk and mango and blend. Add liquor, if using.
  4. Fill desired molds and freeze for 3-6 hours.


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