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Wonders of St. Croix: Crucian Christmas Carnival

Reaching back to the 1800’s, Carnival in St. Croix is one of the biggest celebrations of life on our little rock.  Most of the festivities are concentrated on the west end {Frederiksted} with events ranging from live music, calypso shows, cultural showcases featuring art, food, pageants and parades.  Last weekend, I was able to attend a few highlights of this month long celebration.

Reggae night at St. Croix’s Carnival Village

A lovely Crucian lady with her Johnny cakes {fry bread that comes with most meals}


Moko Jumbies, Guardians of Culture.

J’ouvert aka “dawn” or “daybreak,” is probably the craziest of them all with folks celebrating from 5 am.  Following j’ouvert is the children’s parade and finally, the adult parade.  Dance troupes and entertainers march through the streets singing and dancing, adorned in elaborate, handcrafted costumes.

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