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May 2017 Favorites

I love St. Croix but there isn’t much for recycling on the island.  It pains me to see stacks of styrofoam containers for to-go options when I’m dining out.  Did you know that it can take 500+ years for it to even begin to break down?  Then, there are the plastic straws/lids, utensils…

Lately, I’ve been trying to remember to pack these reusable bamboo utensils with me in the water bag I carry with me everywhere.

They’re sustainable, made of recycled material and even includes chopsticks!  I’m still on the hunt for a good, sturdy to-go container that can possibly collapse for the same purposes.  Let me know if you have any recommendations.

If you’ve seen even one of the million smoothie posts I have on my instagram of Facebook, you know I’m a huge fan of these metal straws.  They’re food grade, eco-friendly stainless steel straws that come with a cleaning bristle.

This elusive book is one I’m including because I’m certain it would quickly become one of my favorites…if only I could find it!

So far, I’ve only been able to find it online for almost $100 – eek!

I recently posted a clip of my blueberry cardamom smoothie bowl breakfast topped with rawnola on Facebook and needless to say, it’s just one of the many cardamom-obsessed dishes that I’ve been whipping up.  From spiced rice to chai, this superstar spice is best when freshly ground from whole pods.  Its fragrance is almost euphoric and I’m a fan of this cardamom that comes in a glass jar minus any anti-caking agents, preservatives or irradiation.

Typically, I will pick fresh tulsi/holy basil from our garden to steep into a relaxing elixir for myself but I was recently gifted this tulsi/sweet rose loose leaf blend that has a sort of romantic calming effect.

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