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Cooking Korean Food in Charlotte, North Carolina


Many of you guys asked me from my last video about what Gobo is.  I myself was unfamiliar with it until my mother set it out on the supper table for us one night as a banchan or side dish.  Gobo aka burdock root may be turned into tea or soup but our favorite way to enjoy it is as a stir fried side dish.  It’s always on the fly {no actual recipe} but she always peels off the outer skin, slices it on a diagonal then stir fry’s it in sesame oil, garlic, ginger, salt, pepper and sesame seeds.  Simple yet satisfying in its delicate crunch.

Next up in my video, I make jjajangmyeun and japchae both of which make it seem like we’re very noodle-centric around here.  Though this isn’t quite the case, we are very fond of both types of noodles with tender flour based noodles that make it into the jjajangmyeun and chewy sweet potato noodles for the japchae.

It doesn’t really matter what I’m cooking up with my mama in the kitchen.  This type of quality time is always special for me and goes beyond creating delicious foods from scratch together, it’s a moment to slow down and bond.  Over bubbling aromatic stews and chopping fresh veggies, it is effortless to connect over a shared love.  Oh the confessions that these lovingly handcrafted dishes absorb.  If only they could talk.

As difficult as it has been to be displaced during this time, the distress is eased from being warmly enveloped into the open arms of family and joy of reconnecting with loved ones.  Though St. Croix is only a short plane ride away, it really is almost like a whole new world and whole other planet.  On my island paradise, suburban life seemed far away and only a distance memory.  It’s been like plunging into ice cold water being back but I’ve allowed myself to take this opportunity to immerse back into work which was an almost impossible feat back on island and enjoy the pleasures of breaking bread at a table with many faces smiling back at me.

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