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My Favorite Teas


Tulsi or Holy Basil is probably my favorite herb and tea right now.  We grow it where we live and it thrives.  However, this tea is your next best bet.  I like to take it hot or cold and also steep it in my bath water for its revitalizing qualities.  It’s a lovely adaptogen and is wonderful for both mind and body.

Bush Tea is something that is served all over St. Croix and comprises of whatever beneficial herbs and greenery you can find in your yard or a curated mix to combat whatever may be ailing you.  I often throw in soursop leaves, lemongrass, tulsi {of course}, hibiscus, ginger, turmeric, etc.  I typically give J a tall glass of this when he gets home from work and it helps him unwind.

Silver Needle is a delicate white tea that has a light, mellow taste.  Since it is harvested when it’s young, it is less oxidized than other tea.  It contains antioxidants and polyphenols for health benefits.  It ranks very highly in the tea world and for good reason.  I find it elegant and the taste refreshing.  For the best results, I like to steep it for 3-4 minutes {no more} and re-use it for my next cup at least two more times, making it very well worth the cost.

Chai and PG Tips are my chosen cup of tea when I’m looking for a fuller, richer taste.  These are pretty much the only teas I’ll take with milk and sugar and its sweet latte color makes me feel like I’m indulging in a dessert.

Roasted Barley/Boricha is honey gold in color and nutty in flavor.  It’s as common as water in our household and it can be drunk hot or cold, especially known for its digestive properties.  It’s a classic Korean drink and some restaurants will even serve it in lieu of water.



4 thoughts on “My Favorite Teas

  • LESTER N says:

    Loose leaf teas are wonderful! Love the teas you mention here Angie! Hhave a great day and week!

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    >You are tooooo kind!!

    Hm…if you're not a HUGE fan of Teas already, I would start off with naturally sweeter, flavored teas…maybe like a fruity one? From the teas I mentioned, I personally loooove the Roasted Barley (Boricha) but then again, I grew up with it. Even conventional tea bags are great to drink though honestly, I feel like loose teas in bulk are a better deal. I would definitely stray away from mass markets (Grocery Chains and the like). I haven't found an online shop that I feel confident enough to recommend yet but I know they're out there. Those places almost always have sample packs where the provide 2-4 oz ea of like 4 or 5 different varieties so you can test the waters out. The last time I bought one they were like $14 or so. Hope this helps =D

  • Packerfan says:

    >What teas do you recommend for a newbie to loose leaf tea?

  • Packerfan says:

    >You are too cute and whimsical 🙂

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