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Vegan Food in Kenya

As you may or may not know, I’ve recently focused more on a plant-based diet for a number of reasons.  I feel so passionate about it that I’m even releasing a new recipe e-book soon.  Needless to say, I was a bit nervous about traveling while eating healthy.  This shift has not only allowed me to shed all the extra weight I packed on from the stress of the hurricanes, I have never felt better both mentally and physically since taking the care to really nourish my body with hydrating, nutrient rich, whole foods.  I’m happy to report that it was pretty effortless in Africa {and looking back, it was just as easy in Thailand}.

We stayed at 4 lodges in the 7 days we were there in order to get a diverse safari experience at parks across Kenya.  Breakfast was typically buffet style and had a huge assortment of fresh local fruits, juices, homemade breads, freshly cut veggies/salads and more.

J actually enjoyed African papaya and that’s saying a lot since he’s not usually a fan of papaya in general.  I would typically start off with a huge plate of those along with watermelon, orange slices, pineapple and sometimes mango {which were rare since they weren’t quite in season yet}.

My second plate would be filled with potatoes, rice and veggies or sometimes more fruit and lots and lots of yummy dates.

We got a chance to peruse a local market.  It wasn’t part of our jam packed itinerary but I’m so glad I asked.  I was rewarded with these black lilikoi that tasted like sour patch kids.  J was a huge fan of the local coffee {as seen in the corner here}.

Lunch was normally a box lunch which you’ll see in my safari video.  It varied as we moved but included things like local juice, bread, fresh fruit, pasta and chickpea patties.

Supper was almost always a lavish affair whether it be a 4 course service or buffet and it was normal to see a menu divided into western and Indian cuisine.  The latter meant a ton of delicious hot chapati or papadum, a diverse assortment of curries and Indian foods that I had never had before.  Every night, there was also an impressive salad and pasta station, an assortment of rice offerings and a ton of fresh veggies, fruits and beans/lentils.

This was a particularly memorable dish as it featured some of the richest curried butter beans I’ve ever tasted along with bread that had a striking resemblance to the Johnny cakes found on St. Croix.

Stewed cauliflower, green beans and lentils served with spice infused basmati, freshly made bread, steamed broccoli and fresh local citrus – all from the buffet line.

The salad course: fresh beet salad: just one of the many examples of naturally vegan dishes on our trip that even J enjoyed.

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  • Lester Nixon says:

    Sounds like you guys are having the time of your lives Angie! GREAT!!! It all sounds fun and exciting! ALL the food looks so delicious( AND HEALTHY! ) Thanks for sharing this with us! Have a great weekend! You and Jay GO FOR IT, Angie! Enjoy!

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