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5 Simple Tips For Beautiful Skin – Healthy Skin Hacks

Dedicated towel.  I use a clean towel just for my face to prevent any cross contamination.  The skin on your face is different and more delicate than the rest of your body.

Silk pillowcases {100% silk not satin} and change them often.  This is such an effortless step to make sure your hair and skin glide on this slippery fabric to prevent unnecessary wrinkles and tangles.

Masks.  Nothing feels more indulgent to me than winding down with a luxurious DIY face mask and a good book.

Moisturizer + massage.  I spend a great deal of time out in the sun and never forget to skip the moisturizer for after care.  When I remember to, I’ll take some extra time to massage the product into my skin for a mini facial massage.  This not only ensures deep penetration, it will also increase blood flow and lessen any puffiness you may have.  I highly recommend using all natural/organic facial products as the skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your body.  I personally enjoy homemade facial products since I know exactly what goes into it and I can formulate it for my own skin type.  If you don’t have the time/desire to create your own, even investing in a few choice essential oils to blend up into your current products can really help bolster its effects.

Sunblock.  My healthy homemade sunblock is not only better for our reef, a little goes a long way.  This also means that taking a few moments to swipe it on will save your skin for years to come.

Bonus: hydration!  My favorites are fresh coconut water, lemon water, dense green juice and green smoothies.  These make you beautiful from the inside out!


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