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St. Croix Fire Dancers – Goddess Energy Sacred Feminine Rising

I recently had the opportunity to spend some intimate time with the St. Croix’s Phoenix Fire Collective.  They hosted a New Years fire release ceremony I never forgot and it’s how I rang in 2019. I watched the sun rise at Point Udall, the most eastern tip of the United States, with tears streaming down my face in such a peaceful place of gratitude. Kiki, one of its founding members and I spoke of how to begin to heal our island post-Maria. The pain and suffering was so palpable afterwards but we’ve now come such a long way as a community. She and I agree that one of the most essential ways is to lend a positive rising energy. By binding forces, we can hope to create a ripple effect. Be it saturating in the simple joys of our cleansing waters, creating something beautiful with whatever talents are inherent within you, sharing in unconditional love, and rejoicing at what is now and instilling hope for what is yet to come.

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