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Deep Fried South


If there’s danger in leaving me to my own devices and coloring everything Pink, there’s an equal probability that I want to deep fry it all too =D As a Kid, I actually abhorred anything deep fried (except French Fries because French Fries are awesome like that).  I remember going to a Seafood Joint more

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Just another Manic Monday…


No not really, lol. Today, I have a rare day off.  Baby Brother is home for Spring Break and my other Baby Brother is leaving for the Netherlands today.  The whole family got together to Skype after dinner last night and it still hasn’t settled in for any of us that he’s leaving the Country…read more

My Local Market


For a million years (I grossly exaggerate, lol) I always worked Saturdays and never got the chance to peruse through local Farmers Markets to hunt down local treasures.  If you know me, you know that I detest Bars, Clubs, Malls, etc.  Me?  I’m a simple gal that would rather be in the Kitchen cookin’ more

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