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Crostini with Balsamic Onions and Homemade Goat Cheese


So, it’s fast approaching 3:30 am, and what am I doing?  Sitting in bed, attracting ants (probably) with a considerable bread crumb trail that would make the lost Hansel and Gretal found again.  How fitting, considering a few hours before, it was Halloween.  I could really go for a gingerbread house right about now.  I’ more

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Can’t go to Sleep


but then again, that’s most nights. I figured I might as well blog. That and to express my total embarrassment for not being “with it.”  Either a). I’m technologically inept or b). I’m not “cool” and with it bc I’m getting old-ER (that’s right baby brother I am NOT a Grandma)! =D I got more

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