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korean street food

Korean Stuffed Cheese Pancake – Hotteok 호떡


Korean hotteok are basically fluffy golden parcels with a molten cheesy center.  Crispy, buttery and ooey gooey.  These are the savory version of their classic sweet counterpart.   Korean stuffed cheese pancakes are a very popular street food.  Whenever I visited my family in Korea, I probably enjoyed way too many of these along more

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Nostalgic Bites


I miss Korea.  I haven’t been since I was 16 and boy is the entire experience always stuffed with culinary delights.  Not only does the entire family flock around the kitchen and celebrate with food, my aunties are constantly fussing over you to eat, eat and eat some more.  One of the more memorable more

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Seafood Pancakes Haemul Pajeon 해물파전


When I was little, sometimes we’d have these savory Korean pancakes for breakfast and boy was it difficult to explain to my friends that these were thin and crispy, filled with vegetables or seafood, not the fluffy variety where golden stacks required sticky syrup.  I hope that despite being unconventional, you’ll give these glorious more

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