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Banana Cream Parfaits


Bob Ross was quoted in saying “…just ‘smoosh’ it in there. It’s not a real word, but people seem to know what it means.”  Oh Bob Fro Ross.  I miss him as much as I miss Mr. Rogers.  I bring ole’ Bob into it again because it’s very true.  What does ‘squish’ mean for more

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Tiramisu   Prep time 20 mins Total time 20 mins   Author: The Squishy Monster Ingredients Video Recipe (with Eggs) •6 Yolks •3 tb Sugar •Zest of one Orange/Lemon •2 c strong, cooled Espresso + 2 tb Rum (or Madeira, Vin Santo, Amaretto, Brandy, Kahlua, Frangelico, Marsala, etc). •1 lb softened, room temperature Marscarpone more

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Pick Me Up!

is what ‘Tiramisu’ literally means.  Why shouldn’t it?  There’s such a bountiful supply of all things creamy, moist, silky, and decadent in it.  Plus, the spiked Espresso can’t hurt.  With Spring so pungent in the air, it’s time like this that I love to dust off my Trifle dish and douse a variety of more

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