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One Door Closes,

Another door opens


Such is the cycle of life, no?

It seems like I’ve lost a lot of people in my life that just moved past me.  Just within 2011-2012, I’ve lost both a Grandmother & Great Aunt.  My Grandmother was a rather enigmatic force to me.  I remember going to Korea as a child and absorbing the deep lines of her face, her kind and crinkled eyes that paired with her never moving lips.  The lady never spoke.  I think this is why it was so difficult to ever get to know her.  I felt like a big kid with little shoes when we lost her.  I didn’t really know how to feel.  Then, when we lost our Auntie (whom I’d never even met), it was even stranger for me.

I know I’m a bit obsessed with food but so often, food is able to magically weave in and out of the spaces unseen and bind people together like some quietly powerful force.  I always try to reaaaally chew and taste my food.  Biting, chewing, tasting, swallowing is all wound up together in such a pleasurable experience for me.

Being in Hawaii was surreal.  After all, the whirlwind events that took place from booking the ticket to actually being there to help with arrangements happened in just about one breath.  The fact that the moment I stepped foot on this Island, delicious and earthy aromas swirled around with a warm and balmy kiss, tempered the fact that we were here for a Funeral.

I live on the corner of ordinary suburbia and gingerbread houses.  In Hawaii, it was almost as if even the trees were offering you sweet and delicious gifts of fruit.  I have to pay 3 times as much for organic produce here and on the Island, fruit bearing trees are heavy and generous.  It was an automatic welcome (because of course, I associate food with love).




Sugarcane (and my toes)


Noni Fruit


I don’t know what this is but I wanted to share anyways.


one of my faaavorites, lychee!!! and,




and coconuts, of course (these were what I wanted to sneak back with me the most but I figured after like 5, I wouldn’t have enough room for any of my clothes)

Then, there are the flowers (so beautiful you wanna eat them too)!!


Girls in pink Dresses & pink flowers
(these are just some of MY favorite things)

Love, Your Squishy Monster

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