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Grubbin’ in another City

I’ve never been one to have a waning appetite due to any number of circumstantial reasons.  Even when I’m sick, more often than not, I want to eat to provide a mere comfort to the massive discomfort of being sick in the first place.

Needless to say, I ate my way through the trip.  I must have brought back at least 10 lbs as a souvenier!


I still didn’t get why I had to pay for a coconut when it seemed like they were everywhere.


A version of ‘otai using mango (will do a video on this too).


Fresh cooked octopus caught by a family friend…YUUUUM!!
He’d apparently caught it in knee deep water spear fishing =0


OYSTERS!  …have I told you lately that I love you!!??


and of course, the plate wouldn’t be complete without a mayo-based salad


The oh so famous shrimp truck…apologies for the bad pic, I was SUPER hungry.  Now to be completely honest, it was definitely delish but most definitely not something you cannot recreate at home.  I love seafood…I LOVE shrimp, I love butter, I love garlic, and of course I love rice.  You can combine these things for this experience at home without the hefty price of nearly $1/shrimp!  I also tried the hot & spicy and those were my favorite.  I will definitely be recreating this at home for myself with a bulkier shrimp ratio to rice.

This was good.  Not-omg-induce-a-food-asm.  Like I said, I love shrimp and I love rice.  However, the coconut shrimp were too deeply fried and batter-rific.  Super duper crunchy with a tender little shrimp concealed behind the bulky coconut coat.  I was hoping for light and crispy, subtly sweet with a substantial sweet and meaty portion of shrimp meat, tenderly wrapped inside.  Nope.  And again, for more than $1/shrimp, this was like a bad first blind date.  Definitely not memorable, sexy, or exciting.

Those cutie rock star hands belong to Mone <3
Y’all know I can’t resist a big fat sloppy burger!  Hand cut fries?  Check.  Thick juicy burger with LOTS of cheese?  Check.  This definitely did not disappoint.
Now, I must end this due to the fact that I’m sitting here salivating over this picture.  Wish me luck on the quest to find a fat and cheesey burger today.
Love & beefy kisses
–Your Squishy Monster

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