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Canada II

Ever have one of those days when you think that it’s way earlier than it really is?  Right now, it feels like it’s 11, not 2 am.  So, thinking that it was 11, I was all like “alright, I’ve done everything I need to today and get to fit in a blog, I’m a superstar.”  No.  Not really.  It’s 2 am and 3 people have reminded me that I promised to post the rest of my pics up.  So without further ado, here’s what the rest of my trip looked like (and the video is currently being edited so should be posted shortly).

This is what the road ahead of us looked like.  Eerily beautiful in Virginia.

Niagara Falls.  Natural beauty surrounded by a shocking amount of poverty :/

My little birdie friend enjoying the view just as much as me.

“…he said to be cool but he’s already coolest.”  The coolest pup in Buffalo.

Well, congrats Jeannie…and thanks for the slush puppie and corn dog!

China Town.  I feel like a walk down this street every week would provide me with endless blogging material.

The CN Tower.  Not only am I a superstar, I’m also a giant (duh).

The last two places I’ve been to, I’ve just happened to run into a wedding.  Poopoo!  I can’t wait for my special day so some random girl can blog about it too 🙂

Toronto Harbour.  One day, I’ll live by the sea and swim with the mermaids.

Casa Loma (there’s a very sweet story about a young boy who carried a white stone a very long way to help build it, only to be told that all white stones were being excluded.  It has a happy ending and is still the only white stone that is featured).

The view from the 51st story of 180 Panorama

I feel that a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt would’ve been most appropriate, no?

I’m still looking for that person to roll around in the grass with me.

Dundas Square after Eaton Centre

I actually produced some head shots with my friend today.  I will be sharing those post-edit 😉

Update: I will be traveling to Florida this weekend to visit my Auntie.  I am going to try my darndest to get to Disney World.  I’m pretty certain I’d go weeee the entire time 😉

Sweet dreams!


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