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Sweet Arrivals

This past week has been hectic (to say the least).  Baby brother finally came in from Rotterdam, and I helped my other baby brother move into his new house off campus which led us back home at 5 am, I had several appointments/meetings to fulfill, got a much needed oil change, played and baked (a ton!) with the Gab’s, cooked a “Welcome Home/Farewell” dinner for my friends and family, finally got accepted to the referral program at the clinic (I’m now on a 4-8 waiting list for the biopsy), all while responding to emails and editing videos.  (The editor of a local publication wants to interview me for a feature)!!  Plus, I reconnected with my old bff from grade school.  Now, I’m filling in for Mom and Dad at work as they go off to their annual trade show.  Technically, I don’t think I’m suppose to be blogging but eh, when else am I going to do it?  …lol.


7 more hours and I get to see my baby brother’s again!  I’m trying to coordinate a picnic before one brother leaves to begin his sophomore year and another leaves for a month to go to Toronto and New Jersey.  He specially requested Galbi (which I just filmed a video for) so at some point, when I’m not super crazed, I’ll be putting the finishing touches on it to upload.  It’s been a flurry of activity but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Nope!

It’s so rare for me to receive a box of nice chocolates and baby brother tucked them into his back pack the entire way back from Brussels for me!!!

Me & Gabbi made Lemon Pillow Cookies.  She affectionately refers to them as “CC’s” aka Cakey-Cookies.  We also whipped up a batch of “Gabbi & Angela’s Special Surprise Cookies” when we were both craving sweets one day…they were a monster attack on my regular Chocolate Chip Cookies + chopped up Rolos + Peanut Butter Chips.

To preface this monstrsity, first, we were out of Rice Krispies, secondly, it was super late and we were craving something quick to satisfy our sweet tooth and this was born: brown butter, sea salt, cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms treats + sprinkles.  So yeah, we obviously went a bit overboard but to my defense, Gab’s enthusiastically exclaimed “this is the best night of my life!”

Don’t worry, I feed her real food too

Summer Rolls.  Cilantro and Mango just feel like Summer to me.

Eel Hand Roll (my fave).

Grilling off some chicken while the grill was still hot for my Galbi video.  Booooo.  I’m sitting here realizing that there are crackers to eat and water to drink and not much else.  I’ve succeeded in making myself hungry.

Hoping that everyone is safe, happy, and well fed!


Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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