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Labor of Love on Labor Day


Preparations for The DNC has made even attempting to navigate into Uptown Charlotte beyond nuts, but despite the announcements that the homeless were being shipped off somewhere else entirely, we managed to find some stragglers that were a welcome sight after driving around for nearly an hour with no luck.

One day, I dream that “Pack Away Hunger” will become a wide spread initiative, in every city and town.

My friends beautiful brood that gifted me these:

To make these:

They also have honey which I’m super excited about!!

It’s generally been cooler lately between the torrential rain storms and 75-80 degree weather but of course, yesterday when I spent the greater part of the day on foot outside, it was 100 degrees.  I’m clinging to the last few days of Summer and needed something light and refreshing to cool off with and made Lettuce Wraps.

I collected what looked good together and tipped this and that into a pan to caramelize with chicken, peppers and onions. I’m sorry to say I didn’t measure anything out but this is what went into it^^

Happy Labor Day, y’all!


Your Squishy Monster ^.^

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