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Gift Guide For The Cook/Baker

We’re currently coordinating a secret Santa for our Christmas group as most of us won’t make it back to the mainland for the holidays.  This was also the first year me or my husband hadn’t spent Thanksgiving with our family’s either but Friends-giving and the subsequent 3 other Thanksgiving meals we enjoyed this year were just lovely.  Though I have to admit, it’s a bit odd that we’re filling our December days at the beach, quenching ourselves with iced drinks.  Fortunately, for a person with a cold aversion like myself, it’s a dream.  On St. Croix, we kick off the holiday cheer with free flowing pours of coquito and a dazzling boat parade.  We’re perpetuating the cheer by gathering together some of our nearest and dearest for a pot-luck style celebration and a simple gift exchange.  Since I pretty much live in the kitchen, I figured it might be helpful to share a list of some charming little gadgets to gift to your fellow foodie friend.


These fine porcelain measuring spoons are nice since they don’t get stained like most plastic spoons.  No more wildly vivid turmeric stains here.  They wipe off easily and are also dishwasher safe.


How gorgeous is this eggshell inlaid coconut bowl?  I’ve always been attracted to the plain ones for every day use {I’ve had my eyes on these coconut bowls for awhile} but this one would be great to entertain with too.


It generally makes me cringe whenever I hear someone scraping a metal spoon against a bowl to get out the last few drops of sauce/batter/whatever.  The worst is metal on metal.  Not to mention, you’d be surprised at just how much product is left behind until you start utilizing a silicone spatula/whisk.  The whisk is also really handy for when you need to whisk something in a pan and you don’t have to worry about digging into any teflon and ruining them.


These are by far my favorite jars to use.  Their Italian aesthetic is minimal, classic and more importantly, they feature a one piece vacuum lid so you don’t have to hunt down its other piece, making them less prone to rusting.


Another Italian construction, this unlined {tin finishes can melt into your candy} copper pot is a bit pricey but priceless in a candy maker’s life.  It’s a classic piece of solid build and features a side spout made for candy pouring.


I wouldn’t be my husbands wife if I didn’t add something Star Wars related to this list.  These molds are fun for not only chocolates/candy, but ice too.

Finally, if you or someone you know is even thinking about moving to an island paradise, consider gifting them my e-book, Moving to Paradise.  It covers everything from how to prepare for the move, what to do when you get here and logistics like working, living, and even leisure.  I offer insightful tips, tricks and advice {basically everything I wish I’d had someone tell me}.

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