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Weekend Bits + Easter

This had to have marked one of the best Easters yet. I whipped up supper at a leisurely pace versus my usual panic-mode that makes me melt along with the butter and we were in great company {not to mention baby brother made it into town + my other baby brother got offered another job at the bank}!


A very happy Spring menu of honey ham {glazed with J’s own honey}, smoked turkey, goat cheese polenta, stuffed baby peppers, baked brie, bacon deviled eggs, grilled asparagus with hollandaise, caprese salad, strawberry spritzers, and a smoked cheesy casserole {that despite never making it to the table having been forgotten about in the oven} was sure to make a delicious midnight snack later on.  On the dessert bar: carrot meyer lemon cupcakes and banana pudding!

10I just wanted to gush about these peppers for a moment.  Aren’t these the most gorgeous organic baby peppers?  I stuffed and roasted them with a combination of pecorino-romano, parmigiano-reggiano, ricotta, and mozzarella–verdict?  Delish!  {I think a pancetta & goat cheese filling would be nice too}

It’s definitely been an orange and pink kind of week…

photo 1Orange roses from one of my favorite people in the world.

I feel like gearing up for Easter, my body celebrated with lots of food {and with the excited anticipation of baby brother coming into town}!

1A responsible breakfast of sorts.  Wanna know a secret?  I really hate bananas straight up.  I’m all over some banana pudding but eating a banana always feels like a chore to me but I eat them because they’re so good for you.

2These aren’t as good for you but I just can’t resist my carbs.  I always joke that I never go to the mall for the clothes, I go there to ravage the food court of junk food.

3A solo lunch of Kimchi Bibimguksu.  A great meal to have when you’re pressed for time or only need a one person quantity of something.

4Free fried pickles.  Oh yes.

5Fruit/nut/salmon salad.

6At my favorite pizza joint.  {Remember what I said about french fries}?

7Chili at a potluck.

8Filet/brussel sprouts.  Excuse me for the rare-ness.  {I like my beef practically mooing}

9and a wonderful fire to cap off a fabulous weekend on a colder night {and of course today, it’s 75}.

Happy April Fool’s Day and what not.


Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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