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St. Croix Christmas Carnival

Reaching back to the 1800’s, the St. Croix Christmas Carnival is one of the biggest celebrations of life on our little rock.  Most of the festivities are concentrated on the west end in Frederiksted with events ranging from live music, calypso shows and cultural showcases featuring art, food, pageants and parades.  Last weekend, I was able to attend a few highlights of this month long celebration.

St. Croix Music

Reggae night at St. Croix’s Carnival Village.

St. Croix Johnny Cakes

A lovely Crucian lady with her Johnny cakes which is fry bread that comes with most meals.  It’s slightly sweet with a donut-like texture.  If it’s not served as a side with a main meal, it can also be purchased for a buck a piece as a quick snack and I’ve also seen them drizzled with chocolate or caramel sauce and dusted with powdered sugar for a sweeter, dessert version.

St. Croix Carnival

A snapshot from the children’s carnival.  I especially loved seeing the smiling faces of all the kids.  The St. Croix Christmas Carnival is meant to be enjoyed by all!

St. Croix Mocko JumbiesMoko Jumbies, “Guardians of Culture.”  These guys are ever present at any large event and how they jump and dance on stilts, I’ll never know.

J’ouvert, French for dawn or daybreak, is probably the craziest of them all with folks celebrating from 5 am.  Yup.  You read that right.  The party starts at the crack of dawn and the streets are flowing with energy, music and dancing.  Following J’ouvert is the children’s parade, ending with the adult parade.  Dance troupes and entertainers march through the streets singing and dancing, adorned in elaborate, handcrafted costumes like those shown below.  They come in a vivid array of rainbow colors and the overall energy that these groups lend is infectious.

St. Croix Dancers

Some of the dancers taking a well deserved break.

I can’t wait to be a part of all the festivities next years St. Croix Christmas Carnival!


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