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St. Croix Monk’s Bath & Estate Mt. Washington

Before arriving on island, we were told of a mystical labyrinth but to be honest, so much of the landscape blew me away that a year later, we still hadn’t gone to see it for ourselves.  This day was the day we finally went and I’m so happy that I got to take you guys along with me.  It’s hard to say that every day isn’t a blessing in our new home but something about this day was special.

We began the day walking through the {now closed} Good Hope school grounds.  A high school on the beach, can you imagine?  There were literally classrooms overlooking the water and the well kept grounds reminded me of a mini college campus.  Nala really enjoyed her walk there and I enjoyed admiring the flowers.  On the way to Estate Mount Washington, we went to revisit the Monk’s Bath.  It’s a rectangular bathing chamber that monks in the 1600’s hand carved and it still remains today.  We’ve been several times and it’s always a nice spot to soak in and look out into the ocean.

When we finally arrived to Estate Mount Washington, the cool breeze of the mountain top hit me immediately.  The air was sweet and heavy with the flowers in bloom.  I was pretty taken with the gigantic wind chime swaying in the air.  Near the back, on the left side of the ruins, was the labyrinth.  Though small in stature, I can’t quite describe the feeling of peace that flowed through me.  I didn’t really pay much attention to it at first but as I sat down on the bench, charmed by the mushrooms growing from it, I settled into my seat and watched as J walked through it.  In this spot and at this specific time, sunlight filtered through the coconut trees and cast a beautiful golden light on this winding path and made the moment seem all that more magical.

After J reached the end and made his way back out, we both agreed we shared the same thought.  In the video, I read you the plaque that commemorates this labyrinth.  It may sound silly, but it gave me chills.  This spot will remain a spiritual place for me.

To get to Mt. Washington, drive North from Creque Dam Road.  You will see a small yellow sign on the right that reads ‘Estate Mt. Washington.’  Drive up the dirt road and at the top, you will arrive to a yellow and white building.  Park to visit.  Keep in mind this is private property.  Please be respectful.

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