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My Favorite Korean Snacks

Korean hard tack may not win any beauty contests but for me, it always makes me think of my parents who grew up on these and still enjoy them today.  They remind me of animal crackers but their smell, shape and crunch instantly transports me back to being a kid.


These sweet glutinous rice cookies {called Yak Gwa} are also a nostalgic treat for me.  Their intense buttery chew is something I haven’t been able to find in anything else.

The very last time I had jajangmyeon that I didn’t make was in our layover in China.  This chapagetti is the second best thing.  There’s a unique texture to the noodles that is different than the classic dish that I enjoy a lot and there’s something so gratifying about instant noodles.  Oh, and the part when you just don’t feel like “cooking” and no one on the island makes these.

This next one sounds strange, I know.  Fish jerky is something that always reminds me of my father.  He would take each piece and toast it over an open fire before ripping them into pieces for us kids.  It was a treat we didn’t always have but as soon as we smelled that open fire, we knew we were in for a treat and would run up to him to get our pieces.

I used to enjoy these walnut cakes warm and fresh from a bakery my auntie used to take us to.  These again, are second best if you can’t get them where you are.

They’re soft, pillowy bites of walnut shaped pastries filled with sweet red bean and walnuts.


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One thought on “My Favorite Korean Snacks

  • Lester Nixon says:

    Everything above looks fascinating, colorful, and delicious Angie! Precious memories how they linger!

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