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2018 Food Trends

Activated Charcoal 

I use this for detoxifying face masks, teeth whitening, smoothies, macarons, ice cream and a whole lot more.  Activated charcoal is a powerful multi-purpose tool that really doesn’t have much taste so it can effortlessly go from topical to internal application.

Eating The Whole Thing

Just a few examples of how I’m doing this: using beet greens for green smoothies, chopped celery tops for garnishing plates and watermelon rinds for pickling or kimchi.

Jicama & Yuca

I’ve been seeing these pop up as fries and mash all over the place and personally, as a huge fan of starches, {especially french fries!} these both have a sweeter flavor and crunchier texture that I’m digging.


In our house, we’ve been taking it as an elderberry syrup to combat cold and flu but I’ve also been noticing a big presence of it on menus as well.  From elderberry glaze to crown cakes or stirred into cocktails, it’s quickly gaining popularity.

Vegan and Vegetarian

With the success of beyond meat and impossible burger, plant based foods are not only becoming more appealing to the general public, it’s also becoming more accessible.



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