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2018 Food Trends

Activated Charcoal 

I use this for detoxifying face masks, teeth whitening, smoothies, macarons, ice cream and a whole lot more.  Activated charcoal is a powerful multi-purpose tool that really doesn’t have much taste so it can effortlessly go from topical to internal application.

Eating The Whole Thing

Just a few examples of how I’m doing this: using beet greens for green smoothies, chopped celery tops for garnishing plates and watermelon rinds for pickling or kimchi.

Jicama & Yuca

I’ve been seeing these pop up as fries and mash all over the place and personally, as a huge fan of starches, {especially french fries!} these both have a sweeter flavor and crunchier texture that I’m digging.


In our house, we’ve been taking it as an elderberry syrup to combat cold and flu but I’ve also been noticing a big presence of it on menus as well.  From elderberry glaze to crown cakes or stirred into cocktails, it’s quickly gaining popularity.

Vegan and Vegetarian

With the success of beyond meat and impossible burger, plant based foods are not only becoming more appealing to the general public, it’s also becoming more accessible.



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3 thoughts on “2018 Food Trends

  • LESTER NIXON says:

    Healthy and delicious! I love all of the above! Thank you, Angie. Hope it is worn where you and your family live, FREEZINg here like in many areas. Have a great day!

  • Terrylynn says:

    I found you on Genius Kitchen app, feel in love with your cooking style. You are the only person I have seen who makes small servings. Being alone it’s hard to find recipes for small amounts. (I hate left overs) I need your help. I would love to be a vegan at home(when I go out it’s hard, small town full of cowboys not many options)nutritionist are not much help. I weigh 400lbs lost 27, I have my breakfast and dinner down, but I need help with easy options for lunch, that is feeling low in sodium and cholesterol and fat high in protein fibers. I hate cooking but love baking. I live in AZ so I wouldn’t mind something I could maybe cook on one day and mix with different ingredients during the week so it’s cool and refreshing and no oven turned on.(I don’t believe in the use of microwaves, I’m 48 only used microwave for maybe 2 years of my life). Can you help me with some recipes or a plan for lunches so I can ditch the tv dinners(they are pre-portioned so easy). Thank you

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    Hi, Terrylynn! Thank you so much for reaching out. 27 pounds is amazing, congratulations!!! I feel the same way about microwaves. I have a playlist of easy/healthy foods here: and I also just wrote my first recipe e-book about how I lost 20 pounds and completely eliminated my digestive issues in just 6 months on a whole foods, plant based diet here: I also include tips and tricks on how to create the best health of your life and live in sustainable abundance. I also have a ton of health related posts here on this blog. A good place to start is to search ‘health’ in my search tab on the top right hand corner of the page. I hope this helps. Keep fighting the good fight. Your health really truly is your greatest health and I believe in you, Terrylynn!

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