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Healthy Superfood Smoothie Guide

I’m a sucker for a good smoothie or smoothie bowl as can be evidenced on my instagram.

Some of my favorite toppings include lilikoi, suriname cherries, lychee, and mango.  However, I fully realize that sourcing these fresh isn’t a viable route for many so I compiled a list of my favorite shelf stable add-ins that not only make your smoothies and bowls lovely to look at, they’re nutrient dense and provide a burst of good, clean energy.


To me, Maca tastes like an earthy vanilla malt, if that makes sense.  Others have compared it to a very mild and nutty butterscotch.  The way I mix it in, using ceylon cinnamon and ripe, spotty bananas, you can barely taste it.  Maca contains more calcium than milk and is said to help balance hormones.  It’s great for stamina and libido too {I have a girlfriend that swears it helped her conceive!} and it also contains almost all of the amino acids.

Atlantic Dulse

Dulse is a new-to-me food that I recently discovered when a friend made me a salad of cherries, spinach, hemp seeds and dulse sprinkled liberally on top with a ginger turmeric dressing.  Her sweet and salty take on it inspired me to blend something similar into a smoothie with ripe, spotty bananas to balance out the flavors {dulse can be a touch salty} .  This sweet and ice-creamy smoothie was not only nutritious and delicious, it was a great way to effortlessly incorporate my new found fave.

Barley Grass Juice Powder

Just like dulse, barley grass juice powder is said to bind to heavy metals and draw them out of the body.  To me, it tastes much like matcha and I actually enjoy the taste.  As a bonus, whenever I’m out of fresh greens, this nutrient dense green powder always saves the day.

Brazil Nut

Did you know that just one Brazil nut can help with thyroid function, DNA synthesis and your reproductive system?  That’s because it contains more selenium than any other nut or food.  Since all nuts vary in size, it’s reported there is about 50-90 micrograms of selenium per nut.  The only downside is that you can definitely overdose on them as the selenium can accumulate in your tissues.  To keep it safe, you can blend up just one nut in your smoothie for added nutrition, your daily dose of selenium and a creamy, nutty texture and taste.


You already know what a powerhouse of nutrients the avocado is however, this humble berry {yup, it’s a berry}, can easily be substituted for bananas if you’re allergic or bored of them.  Creamy dark chocolate smoothie anyone?  Not only will they impart that same creamy consistency you’re after, they happen to have twice as much potassium so it’s a win-win.




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3 thoughts on “Healthy Superfood Smoothie Guide

  • Lester Nixon says:

    This is fascinating and interesting! I learned some new positive foods today! Thank you, Angie! Hope all is well with you and your family. Have a great day! Keep hope and Love alive!

  • brian says:

    i always found brazil nuts remind me of dinosaur fossil toes. hahaha we used to eat around Christmas time with walnuts and almonds. we had an old set of nut crackers and picks to scoop out the nuts from the shells.

  • Best of Island Life - St. Croix 3 Years Later | The Squishy Monster says:

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