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Chai Cupcakes


Tomorrow marks the arrival of Autumn which is my absolute favorite time of the year!  Needless to say, there will be a liberal use of exclamation marks in this post.  Autumn means warm and spicy liquids, toppling over with mounds of whipped cream, flushed cheeks, fuzzy mittens, and a dazzling array of bold foliage more

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Pretty Woman Walking Down The Street


Everyone always asks me what inspires me to make the dishes that I do.  Well to be frank often times, it’s what I’m craving, but not to go without saying that for a foodie like me, inspiration is everywhere and can be pulled from anything.  I have a one track mind in the sense more

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No Eggs or Butter?


Your wallet + your veggie friends will love you! I don’t know about you, but in my house, I go through eggs and butter like water.  There’s nothing more satisfying than opening up a door to a fully stocked pantry, cupboard or fridge but on sadder days, I have [maybe] a 1/2 stick of more

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4th of July Layer Cake


My baby brother did his entire dorm room in patriotic Red, White and Blues.  We all celebrated with an American feast when Mom and Dad got their citizenship.  We’re a family that’s proud to be American.  Though, the bittersweet irony of this post in relation to my last post can be pointed out.  Le sigh, more

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Clouds & Cotton Candy


Clouds & Cotton Candy.  That’s the texture I’m talkin’ about.  If the coagulation of the egg whites doesn’t scare you off, you not only win the bravery badge, you win the yummy one as well.  Everyone seems to get so freaked out about whipping up egg whites and I tend to think that it more

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Pick Me Up!

is what ‘Tiramisu’ literally means.  Why shouldn’t it?  There’s such a bountiful supply of all things creamy, moist, silky, and decadent in it.  Plus, the spiked Espresso can’t hurt.  With Spring so pungent in the air, it’s time like this that I love to dust off my Trifle dish and douse a variety of more

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I scream, You scream


  This is one I made for my baby brother’s birthday in February.   Watch this video on YouTube Embedded with WP YouTube Lyte. Print Easy Ice Cream Cake Ingredients •1 tub of softened, Ice Cream/Gelato of your choice •2 package/box of Cookies •1 1/2 c crushed Cookies + 6 tb melted Butter •Melted more

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The Most Whimsical Chef I know…


Pops takes the cake, hands down. (Though he may ask for some Kimchi with that Cake). Exhibit A). Tonight after work, he attempted to cajole me into trying some of his “special soup.” Preying upon my weakened state of hunger, (I hadn’t eaten since breakfast which always puts me in “delirium-mode”) he presented me more


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