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The Most Whimsical Chef I know…

Pops takes the cake, hands down. (Though he may ask for some Kimchi with that Cake).

Exhibit A). Tonight after work, he attempted to cajole me into trying some of his “special soup.” Preying upon my weakened state of hunger, (I hadn’t eaten since breakfast which always puts me in “delirium-mode”) he presented me with a bowl of brown tinged stew with steady promises of its pure deliciousness. I was quite doubtful as the aroma alone seemed bold enough to foreshadow what would be to come. Pops is a man of many talents. He writes beautiful poetry that seem to set illustrations to his imagination, full of so much emotion, it literally can bring me to tears. He’s the man with the plan that built so much of our furniture, he’s a dog whisperer (the original, pre-cesar), and I’ve yet to encounter anyone in my life who is as creative and take charge as this man I call Dad. The title “Chef” unfortunately, is not one of them. His creativity however takes the turn for the worse when it comes to marrying different ingredients to produce one dish. Let’s elaborate on Exhibit A some more. Aforementioned stew seemed to comprise of Soy Sauce or Fish Sauce, maybe both, Onions, Potatoes, Sesame Seeds, some type of Oil, Pepper Flakes, Pollack, left over ground Turkey, sliced nuggets of Pork, Kimchi, and Watercress (but you can never be entirely sure unless you were there to witness it yourself as Dad can’t remember what’s tossed, sprinkled, and sometimes slam dunked in, LOL). I’m sure there were also a million other things that were in the mix as well. I can clearly visualize Dad cooking even now in my head. With ninja speed, Dad will haphazardly chop and toss (so is his classic style), if he remembers to, he will stop to taste but mostly, this part is overlooked. It’s almost like watching a magic trick unfold. He has such a quick, yet intense way about his cooking that it’s almost mesmerizing to watch bc it’s all done in such a rash manner but almost deliberately delivered. There’s a certain charm about dipping your spoon into a dish he’s prepared, never knowing what you’ll come up with. Sometimes, sometimes not, there will be a teeny tiny veggie wedged in there + a gigantic one of Green Giant proportions. The charm of it alone is enough to convince a person to take a hearty bite and reward him with a winning smile and satisfying “Mmmm!” Pops may not be the best cook but at least he’s an eccentric character that can always satisfy with humor and comedy =D

Kimchi Cake & Crazy Mixed Stews,


Your Squishy Monster ^.^


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