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My Favorite Casual Charlotte Restaurants

New Zealand Cafe This is probably my favorite place to grab a quick bite to eat in Charlotte.  It features sushi and bento boxes all under $10.  My favorite items there include the salmon skin hand roll or any of their special selection rolls.  You really just can’t go wrong.  Unassumingly tucked into a generic… read more

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Healthy Superfood Smoothie Guide

I’m a sucker for a good smoothie or smoothie bowl as can be evidenced on my instagram. Some of my favorite toppings include lilikoi, suriname cherries, lychee, and mango.  However, I fully realize that sourcing these fresh isn’t a viable route for many so I compiled a list of my favorite shelf stable add-ins that… read more

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Cane Sugar vs Beet Sugar

Cane sugar or beet sugar?  Which do you prefer?  There was a time when I didn’t prefer one or the other or even fully understand the difference.  Today is a much different story. I love to bake, as can be evidenced by a quick glance at my recipe index.  As sugar is one of those… read more

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Bleached vs Unbleached Flour

Flour.  Without it, this blog pretty much wouldn’t even exist.  I often get the question, “why does your recipe call for unbleached flour?”  It all comes down to a personal preference.  I personally use unbleached flour since chlorine or benzoyl peroxide haven’t been used to produce a stark white color like in bleached flour.  Unbleached… read more

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2018 Food Trends

Activated Charcoal  I use this for detoxifying face masks, teeth whitening, smoothies, macarons, ice cream and a whole lot more.  Activated charcoal is a powerful multi-purpose tool that really doesn’t have much taste so it can effortlessly go from topical to internal application. Eating The Whole Thing Just a few examples of how I’m doing… read more

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