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5 New Things I’m Trying

With the beginning of a new month just around the corner, I’ve decided to set a mini goal for myself and that’s to try 5 new things.  I’m the kind of person who needs a routine and seeks a schedule but also craves spontaneity, if that makes any sense at all.  However, with the onset… read more

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5 Things That Instantly Make My Day Better

1.Sending a sweet message to friends/family, complimenting a stranger or hugging someone.  This always helps to lift my mood.  It’s immediate and shares the love. 2.Counting down to something I’m looking forward to.  For me, that’s almost always a trip.  {There’s a big one planned coming that I’m excited to share soon!}  Scribbling it down… read more

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Beach Essentials – DIY’s & Protective

Though it’s pretty much summer 24/7 here in the Caribbean, summer is creeping up just around the corner for you state-sider’s and I know for me, one of the first things I used to do to usher in the new season was to plan a beach trip!  As you may already know, I pretty much… read more

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How to Minimize Waste – Zero Waste

DIY.  I’m a huge DIY lover as you can probably tell from my video recipes I’ve shared with you over the years.  However, beyond taking a more natural approach, it also dramatically cuts down on packaging.  It seriously pains me when I see elaborately packaged goods being torn into and tossed carelessly into a trash… read more

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No-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Bites

I’m back on Youtube!  Internet returned last Friday and I’m excited to finally be able to produce videos for you guys again.  Our little spot was without internet for 6 months, without electricity for 4.5 months and without phone service for 4 and it’s surreal to be able to play music while I video edit,… read more

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