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St. Croix Sunsets, Farmers, Cars on Fire and Saying Goodbye {For Now}

October 12 Waiting is the name of the hurricane game.  I think the limbo is the absolute worst part.  All of my questions continue being met with variations of “we just don’t know,” “I’m not sure,” “maybe.”  So this week, I’ve decided two things.  First, it takes way too much water to flush a toilet… read more

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Category 5 Hurricane Maria – The Aftermath – Now What?

  October 5, 2017 How bizarre my life has been.  As I type this, I am sitting at my friend’s house on her patio right on the water.  It is so beautiful it makes your heart ache.  The ocean is clear aquamarine, gentle in its wave.  It is serene as if nothing ever happened.  But… read more

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Hurricane Maria – Better Days + Island Family

What a difference a day or two can make.  I had the best day ever since the hurricanes hit.  Despite long laborious days at the farm, getting our car stuck in knee deep water and ugly weather, these past couple days have made me feel more like myself again.  We spent the night with friends… read more

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Hurricane Maria – The Aftermath – St Croix USVI

I am scribbling this in my notebook to post onto my blog later. Today is September 27, a full week after Maria. I am feeling very low today. Early this afternoon, thunder began rolling in and I started feeling anxious. My husband assured me that it would just be a normal storm but I still… read more

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Hurricane Maria – St. Croix USVI – Category 5 Hurricane

  We discovered Maria was coming on my birthday.  The next day, I had one of the worst panic attacks I’ve had in awhile.  We were just coming off some 6 or 7 days post Irma and were now facing a direct hit from another category 5.  To say that the air was tense is… read more

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