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5 Fun & Festive Christmas Treats


This fresh Korean cream cake is my absolute favorite cake of all time.  If you’ve never had an Asian bakery style cake, you’re really missing out.  The fluffy chiffon cake layers are the only base worthy enough to slather liberally with the light and airy frosting it’s traditionally paired with.  The taste is subtly more

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7 Ways I’m Getting Into The Holiday Spirit


It’s often hard on a little tropical rock like ours to get into the holiday spirit, especially when it’s pretty much 85 degrees all year round but, I’m hardly complaining.  I’m grateful we’re not bombarded with ads and billboards.  Back in the states, I’d grab holiday-themed lattes with friends bundled up in my scarf more

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Self Care Habits That Changed My Life


Truth be told, I wasn’t too concerned about self care in my early 20’s.  Thankfully at the very least, I always washed my face and moisturized but that was pretty much the extent of my self care rituals back then.  I’ve come to realize that true self care isn’t just about pretty pink bubble more

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Saturday’s On St. Croix – Day In The Life


I look forward to the weekends all week.  I mean, doesn’t everybody?  Before moving to St. Croix, we lived on a small island off of the east coast.  Though it was mighty beautiful, it was hard to ignore the fact that we could only use the beach a few times out of the year. more

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How I Lost 20 Pounds – No Calorie Counting


After Hurricane Maria, I gained 20 extra pounds in a very short amount of time.  This also coincided with a surge of digestive issues like daily bloating, regular cramping, indigestion, and heartburn.  I go into great detail in my ebook, Beginner Vegan about how I lost all the weight and completely eliminated what was more

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St. Croix Caribbean Fruit Part II


When it comes to fruit, it’s hard to pick a favorite -especially when St. Croix has so many to choose from.  I suppose for me, it comes down to what season it is because trust me, when mango season hits, you’ll find me beneath the trees mono-mealing a dozen of them, no joke.  So more

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St. Croix Caribbean Fruit Part I


The abundance of sweet, juicy, fresh, local tropical fruit is one of the many reasons I love St. Croix.  There’s such an abundance that first off, I couldn’t possibly name them all and second, it just wouldn’t do it justice to create just one post.  Keep an eye out next week for part 2 more

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What I’m Packing For Kenya


Kenya, here we come! With the flurry of back to back category 5 hurricanes, we were displaced for awhile and things were hectic to say the least.  We most definitely weren’t in any place mentally to plan our yearly anniversary trip and so we put it off until things settled.  This year, we’re celebrating more

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