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Who Says?

Who says that you can’t have whatever YOU feel like eating for breakfast?  I adore French Fries or Pizza in the Morning time.  Unconventional?  Certainly.  Delicious anytime of day?  Absolutely! I heard somewhere that if you have a healthy appetite in the morning time, it’s an indication that you’re healthy.  I’m no Physician, but more

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Oh Frito Pie, Oh Frito Pie!

How lovely are your…everything, lol I’m typing this as I gobble some down at the moment =O The anatomy of a Frito Pie is quite simple.  More like an open faced Savory Pie with a “crust” of crunchy, salty Frito’s, cuddling with a tangle of spiced Chili, fresh bits of Onion, and Melting Cheddar. more

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Baby Meatloaf & FAT Potatoes

That’s how we roll here…lol, jk. This was dinner for 2–just me and Daddio.  Mom was away for a Church function and left to his own devices, Dad will binge on a slew of Double Stuffed Oreos, Fried Fish, Ritz Crackers, Animal Crackers, Ramen…and who knows what else?!  The Squishy Monster to the rescue!! more

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Catchin’ up with Mama =D

My Mama happens to be super busy –why, between catching up with her 3 Children (I’m her favorite –duh!  LOL), having a full time job, her many charity works with my Dad (being a wife too), and being super involved in their Church.  I usually only get to see her on Sundays (her only more

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