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Korean Sweet Potato Bread {Easy}


With all the baking going on for the holidays, it’s nice to give yourself a help out sometime.  This week alone, I’ve committed to 2 pies, 2 dozen rice cakes, 5 dozen cupcakes, and some surprise extras too, I’m sure.  These Korean sweet potato breads are accessible for even the busy week of Thanksgiving more

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Korean Haul/Food


Haul…haha, like I mentioned before, I had no idea what a haul even was last year! Mom/Dad absolutely, positively refuse to eat Brown Rice.  That, and they seem to have an aversion for anything that is not in the form of their familiar short grain, white sticky rice.  Even when I introduce them to more


My Trip to the Korean Store


Personally, I visit so often, it’s like going to the regular grocery store and isn’t marked as any sort of special occasion but a lot of you have messaged me in regards to the inaccessibility of some of the ingredients used for Korean Cooking and figured this might be of interest to my unlucky more