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Christmas Cheer

My little niece and nephew came by today to decorate the Gingerbread Cookies I baked for Parkview Community

You can watch my Gratitude & Paying it Forward video to meet our local superhero Gwendolyn, again.
It’s too dark today but we’ll definitely be visiting everyone tomorrow with lots of goodies!!


The cuties that my cuties decorated especially for the little boys and girls of Parkview =D


with gingerbread cupcakes


The adorable Dora doll that one very Dora obsessed , very, very adorable girl requested (from Santa)

Sadly, I stopped believing in Santa a very long time ago.  It happened when I was 7.  Me and my brother had set out cookies for Santa with high hopes that in the morning, only crumbs would remain and be replaced by the wondrous gifts of our hearts of hearts desires.  With sleepy eyes, I was the first to awake and sleepily, but happily (with great anticipation) crept into our living room.  How horrified was I when I discovered the scrap piece of paper that read “Daddy say thank you for cookies.”  Now, before you call DSS with this backlogged story, mind you, there is a great cultural divide within Western and Eastern culture.  Dad most definitely didn’t do this out of spite or with the intention of crushing a little boy or girl.  He didn’t quite get the concept of Santa.  Now as grown ups, we know the true identity of said Santa.  Dad figured that the cookies were for “Santa.”  For the man bestowing great toys upon his children—himself.  Needless to say, I crumbled up the scrap note so baby brother wouldn’t see, and as quite as a mouse, stole back into bed to rejoin Christmas festivities again at the normal hour.

This Christmas, Dad is probably not going to be eating any cookies set out for Santa, the littlest one of our clan is now 18.  Mom and Dad are spending the days leading up to Christmas caroling for the retired community here, then traveling to Atlanta, only to return just before Christmas morning.  They’re such amazing parents.  This is after 9-10 hrs of a regular work load.  Sheesh!!  They’ve been pretty good, I bet they’re not getting coal from Santa!  LOL.

This is what they wear to go caroling:


It almost looks like real, live gingerbread people!  =D

I’m actually getting a shot of this blown up, framed and wrapped as one of my Christmas presents to them.  This picture makes me smile.  The little girl who’s getting Dora and the kids that are gonna chomp on those cookies that my niece/nephew decorated also put a smile on my face.

These are also little things that make me smile for Christmas


A random house I drove by and just had to sneak a shot of to share with y’all.


My teeny, tiny reindeer that puts a smile on my face each and every time I walk past him in my living room.  Best rollar store buy EVER.

I hope Dad’s crazy funny antics, the sugary Pictures and Mom and Dad as real, live gingerbread people put a smile on your face too!

Love, Your Squishy Monster

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