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My Friday night is complete.  I don’t need a crazy party or spiky Louboutin’s to spill a fancy overpriced drink all over a new second skin dress, I’m content with this, LOL

Wings and Brisket…getoutta here!!
I went in for Fruit and came out with everything else.  If someone dared me to pop in and out and put me within a time frame of achieving this, I would fail miserably.
I began the weekend spending A LOT of time with Mom.  She is a daily reminder of how blessed I am.  Not just as her daughter but as a Human Being–with all 10 fingers and 10 toes aside (my health intact and an able body to do good).  We both got a bit teary eyed bc we received the news earlier today that baby brother (in Seattle) just got relocated to work in ….the NETHERLANDS!  Can you imagine?!  …and we felt like Seattle was another world away.  It’s bittersweet bc obviously, on one hand we all couldn’t be happier for Daniel bc this is a once in a life time opportunity that will be culturally enriching and broaden his horizons but sad nonetheless bc we’ll miss him that much more :(
Mom was an understandably tearful mess for the first part of the day.  After a long talk, we both realized that it stemmed from a place of fear–fear of the unknown.  “Mommy Mode” kicks in and questions tumble about in regards to “will my baby be ok?”
Funny, you’ll never know where life will take you.  I saw a quote on another billboard today–”The only difference between Fear & Excitement is your attitude towards it.”  (Me and Billboards seem to have a very intimate relationship–second time in a month–lol).  Sure, there’s a lot of fear surrounding the idea of uprooting ones entire life to commit to thrusting yourself into another one in a completely different place (another country no less) but I feel that with a nice balance of excitement to taper off any fear that Daniel (or maybe even you) may have, will help him/you appreciate the opportunities you have present in your life if only you can shed some optimistic light on it.  Whether half empty or half full, while you’re debating this, someone else might just swoop in and drink up all your water!  It’s good to be cautious but I hope that bundled with just as much but hopefully more excitement than fear, Daniel will establish himself well and find great success.  I know he will bc he’s one of the bravest people I know =D

Circa 1990? Daniel is a straight up G rockin’ a Pink Button Down + Sweater Vest + Slicked back Hair.
May God bless you in your new journey.  We are all rootin’ for ya and love you like crazy!!
Love Always & Forever
Angela =D

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