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St. Croix Pier

This is what a typical weekend looks like for us.  I wanted to take you along with us as we explore the deserted beaches of St. Croix, enjoy the locavore menu of tons of coconuts, mango and starfruit, all harvested from our yard and my blossoming obsession with snorkeling.  Some of the locals we talk to have admitted that despite living on the island for decades, there are still new treasures they will uncover.  We’ve found that just by visiting the same beach more than once, it’s rewarded us with a changed landscape that’s fun to explore all over again.  St. Croix is amazing like that.  She’s stunning and steady yet somehow manages to always be mysterious.  A lot of you expressed concern over us not having AC.  We’ve found that like most things, you can get used to it.  Just like dodging gigantic craters on our road to our cottage and living in a 2 room space with no door to our bathroom.  She’s worth all the fuss.

Over the weekend, we visited waters we had already snorkeled the weekend before but the underwater world looked completely different with varieties of fish I had never seen and an abundance of sea urchin that weren’t there before.  I never even knew there were so many different kinds.  Best of all, we witnessed the beauty of 4 sea turtles!  Like I said, she’s worth all the fuss.  I  hope to get a go pro to capture all this magic for you.

Which leads me to the future of my channel.  My goal is to double my upload schedule and produce more quality and diversified content.  To achieve this, I’ve created a Patreon page.  With your contributions, I hope to dedicate a full-time focus on my channel and video production.  I hope that over the years, you have found my video recipes to be helpful, my functional DIYS to save you money and lifestyle vlogs entertaining or inspiring.  Creating content, recipe testing and post production takes a lot of time and materials/equipment and ingredients can really get expensive however, it’s work that I am most passionate about.  I hope to continue on this journey with your help which will allow me to create a happy, helpful, delicious and inspiring space.  Becoming a patron comes with many different perks from personalized letters and videos from me, a copy of my e-book, personally curated and handcrafted care packages and lots more.  You can check out all the details here.

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