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My Favorite Teas


I was contemplating weaving in a “Sound of Music” reference there lol.

My parents can’t actually tolerate caffeine at all so I’m accustomed to brewing them a variety of rooibos/red bush/chamomile.

Theses are currently the teas that are living in my home at the moment.  I have lots of favorite teas but these are just a few and no matter what, we always have boricha in the house.

  • (Boricha in Korean, mugicha in Japanese)

My blend actually has a bit of roasted corn kernels too which I think really adds a dimension of sweetness to the nutty tea.

Health benefits of boricha

  • Angels dream (blend of black & green)

I love it because it has a maple/berry scent and taste to it.  It’s definitely an indulgent tea, doesn’t tote the most health benefits but is like drinking dessert in a cup.  I don’t even find that I need to sweeten it at all.

  • White pomegranate

Contains the most antioxidants and is the least processed than any of my other teas.  Tastes light and refreshing, to me.

  • Green tea matcha powder

I love this super versatile downy green stuff.  It goes into my cupcakes, ice cream, mochi, and lattes and it tastes great when paired with honey or melon flavors (in my opinion).

  • PG tips

This is my go-to-I’m-late-but-geez-it’s-cold-outside-tea

Now, I’m definitely no expert on teas.  When properly stored, bulk teas should last a long time.  I’m very well aware that you’re to keep them stored in an airtight container.  I got mine from the  dollar store and so they’re working for me right now.
I like most of my teas unsweetened, not even consulting the aid of any citrus fruits.  However, when I’m sick, even boricha can help soothe a sore throat, spruced up with a sunshiny piece of lemon and golden drop of honey.  I really like regular sugar for my PG tips and for white teas (depending on my mood), agave pairs nicely with it.
When I can remember to, I brew a big ole’ pot of tea and shove it in the fridge and drink off of a pitcher for days.  Just try to remember that teas tend to be dehydrating so make sure you’re replenishing yourself with water as well.
Teas are a lot of fun, even if you don’t like one, I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that suits your tongue and personality.  You can go any which way (which is part of the experimenting fun).  Go dark and woodsy, or spicy and seasonal, light and fruity, or even go for something that is just plain ole’ pleasing to the eye and nose.  There are lots of yummy teas that are super palatable.  They even have bits of candied flowers or fruits in them!
When you’ve found a few you love (start off with teeny sample packs until you’re ready to commit), try infusing foods you love with it and fall in love with them all over again.  I’ve heard of people hard boiling eggs in tea, (it’s ok if that’s not your thing)–how yummy does a candy colored macaron infused with the flavors of earl grey, or even my angels dream sound?  Um, DIVINE!

Cuddling up with a warm cup o’ tea and fuzzy socks

Your Squishy Monster

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Teas

  • Packerfan says:

    >You are too cute and whimsical

  • Packerfan says:

    >What teas do you recommend for a newbie to loose leaf tea?

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    >You are tooooo kind!!

    Hm…if you're not a HUGE fan of Teas already, I would start off with naturally sweeter, flavored teas…maybe like a fruity one? From the teas I mentioned, I personally loooove the Roasted Barley (Boricha) but then again, I grew up with it. Even conventional tea bags are great to drink though honestly, I feel like loose teas in bulk are a better deal. I would definitely stray away from mass markets (Grocery Chains and the like). I haven't found an online shop that I feel confident enough to recommend yet but I know they're out there. Those places almost always have sample packs where the provide 2-4 oz ea of like 4 or 5 different varieties so you can test the waters out. The last time I bought one they were like $14 or so. Hope this helps =D

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