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I watched young love blossom before me on the subway.  He was cute, in a scruffy, goofy sort of way, slouched over with his arm slung over his girl, dragging his beat up converses to and fro making squeaky noises every time they moved back.  The lady next to me grunted, either from the disapproval of the grand PDA or from the squeak, I don’t know, but the girl shyly peered up at me through her pretty, dark lashes, realizing I was staring and offered a smile.  They–a glimmer of optimistic youth in an otherwise sea of stony faces. 

Getting set up for her interview about being a Squishy mama for “The Korean Channel” tv station.

First stop, K-town.

Lunch of Dolsot Bibimbap & Soondubu Jjigae {Silken Tofu Seafood Soup} and since I’ve been asked, side dishes {banchan} are complimentary and traditional with every meal.

Korean bakery.  I could roll around in fluffy cake, grabbing fist fulls of pastry cream and red bean paste and be quite content.  Castella is my favorite.

Union Square//Chelsea Market

Lunch at the Lobster Place.  I could have done without the flavorless slaw and stale chips, but the healthy portion of lightly dressed and succulent meat was enough to ignore that slight.

This was the most underwhelming of the day.  My chocolate cupcake from Eleni’s was stiff and crumbly.

Marzipan piggy/Dickson’s Farm stand.  I highly regret not having the pastrami here.

Pear/Walnut/Gorgonzola Crepe from Bar Suzette, I also hear the Speck is incredible.

After a battery of cabs, trains, and subways, it began to snow!  I sat and pondered about snow cream, lol.

Love and no snow cream,

Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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