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Weekend Bits

I spent a great deal of time in the great outdoors this weekend.  Though it was lovely, it wasn’t without some battle scars.  I currently have about 2 dozen mosquito bites decorating the entire length of my body + a very pronounced spider bite on my arm.

1We walked the trail into the greenway but got too hungry to make it in deeper to see the swamp.

2We found this little guy that we tucked away safely.

3And even went outside to enjoy a dinner of grilled yogurt spiced chicken (video to come), grilled corn, warm flatbread with tzatziki and hummus, raw veggies, wild rice, and berry salad/ice cream for dessert.

I also got some new jalapeño babies, seed potatoes, and discovered mulberries in the backyard that I can’t wait to turn into jam.

IMG_9165Here is my weekend haul.  Original cost: $54.  My cost: $13 {though, it should have cost me about $8 but I picked up some extra things}

IMG_92502 weekends in a row with crab legs = win!

IMG_9251Garlic ginger clams & raw oysters with plenty of zesty cocktail sauce.  Yum!



Grilled galbi.  My favorite way to enjoy these?  Rice and plenty of kimchi.



I got a great deal on some organic chicken and turned them into sweet vidalia onion and honey sriracha chicken wings.IMG_9252Sesame balls for dessert (as well as ice cream three times, angel food cake, chocolate chip cookies…)

Mama and my baby brother also returned from their travels to Seattle and Vancouver to visit with my other brother and brought me back

photo 1

photo 2


and a cookbook from my other brother’s new…fiancée!  Needless to say I was overwhelmed and overjoyed.  In my head, he’s still the kid brother I used to watch Peter Pan with for the biiiillionth time *tear* Congratulations, Daniel!  I’m so happy that you found your one.  I wish you a world of happiness and joy.  I can’t wait to meet her and have her be part of the family!!!!

I spent the weekend with my loved ones, sharing food, and sharing some great news.  How did you spend yours?


Your happy-stuffed-itchy,

Squishy Monster ^.~


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