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Weekend Bits

On I wrote, “If I must dust off my jacket and say goodbye to the sun, apple picking and apple cider will make the transition easier ;)”  Autumn is actually my favorite time of the year.  I love the blazing reds and golden bronzes that the leaves take on and the heavy swirl of spice in the air, but I’m always reluctant to bid the sun goodbye.  It seemed that yesterdays trek to pick apples was graciously set in what was to be the last quasi-warm day and it was beautiful!

J is always saying how incredibly blessed we are that we live somewhere situated just mere hours away from both the mountains and the beach.

Hot & fluffy apple cider donuts.

All washed down by freshly pressed apple cider.

Like a child, I oohed and ahed at the variety of glowing orbs of fresh fruit dripping from trees like jewels.

I discovered that I am not a fan of the Arkansas Black {In an unrelated fyi, did you know that the flesh turns black in storage?}

but that the deliciousness of the Cameo was something I’ve been missing out on!

How was your weekend?  Did you get to share any Autumn-y goodies?


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