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Mini Oreo Wedding Cookie Cakes – EASY DIY Wedding Favors

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How adorable are these mini oreo wedding cookie cakes?  They’re one of the first things I made in preparation for my wedding, long before I realized that they weren’t {easily} viable for traveling to my destination wedding.  They’re simple yet simply stunning and despite my last minute change of plans, I still wanted to share these easy diy wedding favors with you guys.

Wedding planning hasn’t come as easily to me as I’ve witnessed for other brides.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t picked out everything since I was 6 years old.  However, the edible parts of my wedding were the first things to be sorted out.  Since we’re having our wedding in the Dominican Republic, we’ll be dining on authentic fare and due to its heavy French influence, I’ll be happily nomming away at some of their choice pâtisseries.  The thought of being reunited with such indulgences that I haven’t experienced since my trip to paris makes me all giddy inside.

Needless to say, with such a heavy influence on food and diy’s, it’s no surprise that I went straight towards hand crafting my wedding favors before I even pick out my dress.  True story.  Though these won’t be making the trip with me, they were too cute not to share.  Plus, they’re deceptively simple.  After the first few, you’ll completely get the hang of them.

To build extra height, I topped a standard sized double stuffed oreo with 1 1/2 mini cookies.  From there, the custom options are endless.  You can definitely tint white chocolate to coordinate with your wedding colors and tie in the decorations with the color scheme as well.  I found the trick to creating a polished cookie cake were to tap off excess chocolate each time and allow each coat dry before adding the next.  2-3 coats are all it takes.  I decorated with mostly dragees.  If you mess up, no worries.  You can simply conceal blemishes with sprinkles or even get fancy with designs made from more chocolate.  These are pretty forgiving.

Just in case you were wondering, what did end up making the cut for my wedding favors were my homemade chocolates, hard candies, soaps and lip balms.

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Mini Oreo Wedding Cookie Cakes - EASY DIY Wedding Favors
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1 dozen
  • 1 dozen standard size double stuffed oreos
  • 18 mini oreos
  • ½ pound melted chocolate
  • ½ c frosting {or extra chocolate}
  • Decorations of choice
  1. Stack 1 mini oreo plus another half on top of the regular sized oreo using frosting or melted chocolate as the "glue."
  2. Melt ½ pound of chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave in 30 second intervals.
  3. Either dip or spoon the chocolate onto each cookie. Tap off any excess chocolate and allow to dry.
  4. Repeat 2-3 more times until you achieve your desired finish.
  5. Decorate as desired using more melted chocolate as glue for the sprinkles.



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