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Superfood Cereal Bowl

I love this healthy, superfood cereal bowl for so many reasons.  First, it’s already in its name.  Nutritionally dense, this cereal bowl keeps me full for hours and revitalizes me with clean energy with wholesome ingredients.  Second, it’s done in a dash.  It takes all of 5 minutes to throw together and you’re out the door.  I often keep ingredients pre-chopped in the fridge with the banana milk stored in mason jars {or sub with another milk} to make it an even speedier process.  Third, it’s chock full of different flavors and textures so you’re not limited to a basic, boring cereal.  Instead, it’s bursting with sweet and crisp crunch from the tart apples {which is why I love granny smith here} which contrasts beautifully with the soft, gooey dates.  The nuttiness of the raw nuts also pairs nicely with the flax/chia/hemp blend while the soft bulk of the oats soaked in sweet banana milk rounds it all out.  Oh, and the added bonus?  With the apples and cinnamon combo, it tastes like apple pie in a bowl!

Of course, this bowl is very versatile.  If you’re not in the mood for “apple pie,” the other options can range from cinnamon raisin to chocolate/cherry/cranberry.  The point is, you can really have fun with this and customize it to your or your child’s liking.  It’s a great way to start your day and you can feel like a superstar for multi-tasking by enjoying breakfast and consuming all sorts of superfoods first thing in the morning.

Here’s a breakdown of those said superfoods:

Ceylon Cinnamon aka true cinnamon is a great metabolism booster and contains less coumarin {which can cause liver damage in high dosages} than the cassia cinnamon that’s typically sold everywhere.  The positive results of studies you read about for cinnamon are those of the ceylon vs cassia variety.  If you’re a huge fan of cinnamon and use it often like I do, it’s definitely worth investing in the real deal.

Walnuts are part of the Doctrine of Signatures that I recently pored over.  It’s a homeopathic approach/folk medicine that’s interesting to explore, even if you’re dubious of the idea.  Walnuts are also rich in omega-3’s, antioxidants and can support brain health.

Chia/hemp/flax are rich in omega-3’s, soluble fiber, antioxidants and minerals.  Hemp even contains omega-6 fatty acid GLA and are rich in protein.

Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals while being a great source of natural energy.

Apples contain vitamin c, phytonutrients, b-complex vitamins and studies have shown that they can help improve neurological health due to the quercetin that they contain.

Oats help keep you fuller longer by containing large amounts of beta-glucan, a soluble fiber and can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

Bananas are rich in magnesium and potassium which promote heart health and contain essential vitamins and minerals.

Superfood Cereal Bowl
Prep time

Total time


Serves: 1 Cereal Bowl

  • 1 frozen banana + ½ c cold water
  • ½ c quick oats {or cooked quinoa/buckwheat groats, etc}
  • ¼ apple
  • 3 chopped dates
  • 1 tb chia/hemp/flax mixture
  • 5-6 chopped walnuts
  • Ceylon cinnamon sprinkle

  1. To make the banana milk, blend the banana and water.
  2. In a bowl, assemble the cereal by combining everything together.
  3. Top with a sprinkle of ceylon cinnamon and serve.


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