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5 New Things I’m Trying

With the beginning of a new month just around the corner, I’ve decided to set a mini goal for myself and that’s to try 5 new things.  I’m the kind of person who needs a routine and seeks a schedule but also craves spontaneity, if that makes any sense at all.  However, with the onset of back to back category 5 hurricanes within a weeks time, moving back stateside for several months then moving back to a different part of the island in a new place all while managing work, it’s been a bit of a task.  Needless to say, the past few months, I’ve really submerged myself into “regularly scheduled programming” and I figured it was high time for me to reenergize my typical routine and try new things.

1. Yoga.  I’ve been putting this one off for way too long.  In the new year, I set out to be more active than before but yoga always seemed “too slow” for my short attention span.  Since I’ve really begun to appreciate the value of meditation I really want to give yoga a full try.

2. Different types of curry.  My go-to Korean style curry is delicious and I’ve had that ole “if it isn’t broken” quote stuck in my head.  However, with the revelation I posted on my instagram about re-thinking why we do things, both big and small, it has encouraged me to branch out.  This is just one baby step towards my journey in exploration.

3. Taking things much slower.  I suppose I’ve always been conditioned to complete tasks with a sense of urgency.  Going back to #2, I’ve reassessed the value, or rather in this case, lack of value this brings me.  Recently, I stumbled upon a quote I know I’ve read several times before but for some reason, really resounded with me this time and it was “it doesn’t matter how fast you go, as long as you go.”  I’ve realized that adapting a whirlwind approach to many tasks left me overwhelmed and fatigued so I’m doing my best to develop each step at a more comfortable pace and enjoy the process, no matter what it is.

4. Learning “thank you” in 5 different languages.  I figured this is just a nice thing to know.

5. Listening to 5 different new genres of music.  I’m drawn to a lot of ambient or what I call “emotional” music but I’ve decided that since I pretty much always have music on in the background, I could easily swap it to something I don’t normally listen to for a different experience with very minimal effort.

Bonus: Reaching out to someone new.  I’m always down to meet new energy, creative souls and inspiring spirits and really, this is only possible when you go beyond your comfort zone and reach out.

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2 thoughts on “5 New Things I’m Trying

  • Lester Nixon says:

    Interesting and FASCINATING Angie. Korean style Curry sounds interesting! Have a great day!

  • brian says:

    Squish…try K-pop. it is usually very happy upbeat music to get u moving in a better mood. i not usually know what they saying unless use translator but the music is uplifting.

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