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How To Elevate Your Mornings And Have A Great Day!

Morning times were typically rough for me growing up.  I often associated them with a groan to start the day, dragging myself up at the crack of dawn for school, and being met by the cold and grey outside world.  No wonder it took me most of my adult life to finally greet morning times in a more warm and friendly way.  To start, moving to the Caribbean did wonders.  Since our move, I haven’t relied on waking with an alarm clock.  Instead, I find myself more in tune with my internal clock and wake when the curtains illuminate with the sun.  I think it also helps that we sleep with all of our windows open year round.  If it’s a particularly slow start that morning, the birds make sure they finish the job.  You can watch our minimalist morning routine and I can assure you that bright eyed and bushy tailed wasn’t always the case.  The following are what shifted morning times from a rigid necessity to an intimate welcome into the day.

When you first wake up, breathe and stretch deeply.  Wait 15-30 minutes before letting the world come in.  Take this time for yourself.  Meditate, journal, contemplate, soak in gratitude.  Definitely put off checking your phone first thing.  Instead, pay attention to your breath, let thoughts come and go and be in the moment.

Draw the blinds, pull the curtains back, open the windows.  Smile into the sun.  The vitamin D alone is highly beneficial.

Love what is.  Let’s say you have a crazy day planned.  This quiet moment of reflection is the time to remember all the blessings that surround you.  If you’re journaling, think about what lends the most energy to you and what drains it the most.  Is the latter worthwhile?  Can something shift?  Focus on what makes you happy and do more of that.

Listen to inspiring audio books, podcasts or affirmations while you finish up the rest of your morning tasks like brushing your teeth or drinking your lemon water.

Bonus: if life hits you with something hard, pause.  Let those thoughts be thoughts then be done with it.  Pause and think of 5-10 things you’re really grateful for and breathe in fully and deeply- hold it for a few seconds then slooowly exhale.  Remember that you are not your failures.  What matters is how you respond to them and allowing it to strengthen you for the better.


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