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The Dollhouse + Gift-spirations

On the radio the other day, they were talking about 24k gold leaf pills for $425 that are so popular that they’re out of stock.  Shut the front door!  (and this is why I don’t listen to the radio…useless information about useless things, lol).


“Analogous to our culture’s obsession with luxury and consumption, these 24K gold leaf capsules turn your innermost parts into chambers of wealth. Consume and digest.”

You and me?  Let’s embrace the charm of homemade gifts and spread the joy with edibles.

Mason Jars…I love these to decorate with (cranberries and votive centerpieces or used as a vase), for sweet tea, to store brown sugar/sprinkles/cupcake liners/popcorn kernels/beans (the list is long), stuff with “cupcakes in a jar or mini pies in a jar”, use as dressing shakers, salad holders, homemade snow globes, soap pumps, homemade candles, or even to catch fireflies in!

How cute are these?  (From a restaurant last week).

I collected a bunch of jars to fill and give out as Christmas gifts.  Here’s the round up:


One of each for a dozen of my friends and family :)

To make the vanilla,

I used about 5 beans/cup of vodka and allow it to mature for several months before using it.  Having bottles in rotation is a good practice and don’t forget to go into your dark, cool cupboard (ideal storage) and give your bottle a little shimmy shake to help it along its way.

To make the brown sugar (combine granulated sugar + unsulphured molasses), jam, and pickles.

Last year, I passed out boxes of homemade truffles


You could also include these in that box:

photo 3(2)

Most of my Christmas presents are going to be handmade this year, including this dollhouse for Mama.  She’s always told us how much she wanted one as a kid, but never got one so I realize that though, it may be very late in coming and silly considering that both she and I are no longer children, I thought it would be fun to show her that not only do we listen to her stories but that I created a (hopefully) thoughtful and personalized gift for her.  The best part?  The whole she-bang cost me $40.

  • photo 2 photo 1 I found the frame at Target for about $10.
  • Most, if not all the furniture was purchased at the dollar store–sanded, primed, and spray painted.
  • From top L-R: the tiny cake is actually an eraser from a gumball machine.
  • The silver tea set was $2 at Hobby Lobby
  • The pink oven mitts are actually stickers from Michaels.
  • The black grand piano is a Christmas ornament.
  • The claw foot tub is a random thrift store purchase.
  • The “fur rug” is actually the top trim of a pair of Christmas socks, lol.
  • The gold “sink” is a gold brushed votive holder.
  • The bathroom mirror is a small round mirror with gold dipped tooth picks attached.
  • The tree and nutcracker were both purchased at Michaels.  (The stars in both rooms are stickers).
  • The tree skirt is a sequined shirt I no longer wear.
  • The tiny presents are dollar store purchases.
  • The tiny vase of rose hips are materials deconstructed out of a perfume tester/hair pin/ribbon.
  • The frames are from Michaels (in the wedding section).
  • The lamp is made up of pieces from a broken bracelet/card stock.

My hot glue gun was my best friend and to round out my project, I just need a few more pieces including but not limited to a piano bench, a tufted couch for the sitting room…maybe some art.  Alas, working lights and spiraling staircases are not within my budget, lol.

Going to an end of the world party tonight.  See y’all tomorrow (maybe) LOL.


Your Squishy Monster ^.~



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