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What to Know About Kenya

  1. Save time and purchase your visas online.  When we arrived, the line was pretty long for this but we were able to forge ahead with our pre-printed hard copies.  I also made sure to make back up copies, both physical and electronic.

  2. Since we never left Kenya, we weren’t required to take any vaccinations for malaria, yellow fever/etc.  We spoke to a couple that were leaving for the coast and they had been required to.

  3. There is a plastic bag ban which I was very happy to see.

  4. However, there were bottled waters everywhere.  Even nice establishments do not recommend drinking the tap water.

  5. We made our trip in the middle of May and it would dip down to the 50’s each night.  I found it to be chilly in the mornings and evenings with just a few hours in the middle that were actually warm.  I wore my coverup pretty much the entire time and each lodge we stayed at was nice enough to build a communal fire each night.

  6. The people are so friendly and so considerate of each other.  Thailand and Africa will forever cement itself in my mind as having some of the nicest people around.  Greetings are important: “Jambo!”

  7. There aren’t a ton of public restrooms and even then, a lot of those don’t have toilet paper and even more aren’t traditional toilets.  I pretty much traveled with wet wipes and a package of tissues the entire time.

  8. Kenya is a strange and dazzling blend of modern and traditional.  I found it to be strikingly beautiful to see traditional Masai garb against suits and ties.

  9. It’s crazy vast and wonderful.  Kenya is the Africa you think of when you envision it.  It’s like it’s straight out of the movies.

  10. Don’t dress scantily.  I actually ended up using the cover up I’d purchased in Thailand for my temple visits and can’t tell you how invaluable it was in both instances.  A cushion for J during the long and rough rides as well as a hat and sunblock were also very useful.


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