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Weekend Bits

I asked y’all on Facebook how the weekend would be spent and of course, the general consensus seemed to have a lot of food involved.  That’s the stuff of great weekends!

Beer battered fish+ mango salsa + black bean/corn salsa + guac = taco heaven! S’mores for dessert on what was {hopefully} the last cold night of the season.

Jjigae made with leftover Easter ham, braised low and slow in Kimchi soup.


Broken rice + pho

Big boss roll with shrimp tempura, salmon, tuna, and snow crab salad.

A baby trim that looks crazier than the end result…you can’t even tell I got my hair cut, lol.

A specially requested orange birthday cake for a special little lady.

Refreshment on a Saturday morning spent plucking baby veggies from a green house.

One of the talented artists practicing just days before for my event which was held last night.  We hosted twice the number of people we’d originally anticipated and needless to say, my buffet was picked clean *dances*

On the line up: steamed rice, smoked pork loin, kimchi {the most important Korean staple: fermented napa cabbage}, bulgogi {Korean ribeye bbq}, roasted Korean sweet potatoes with brown rice syrup, japchae {veggie stir fried sweet potato noodles}, mandu {potstickers}, and a chocolate cupcake tier.

It’s been years since I’ve been in a commercial kitchen and I’ve missed the special comradery that can only exist back where adrenaline is your bread and butter and the sauna like quarters have you pressed together with your fellow cooks as if in one solitary unit where the creation of something delicious is the bonding force…the spurt of an almost unintelligible order, the sizzle and streak of oil and the lurch of a flame, these are all factors that combine to create that calm, pristine plate brought out to you.

Weeks of crazy planning and frequenting one grocery store after another payed off in the end and thank you to everyone who was involved {you know who you are} and even the silent angel who turned off my rice before it scorched!  Thank you, too!!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekends.  Be on the look out for not only a video but a giveaway soon too!

Love always,

Your Squishy Monster ^.~

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